dealscyber acoustic 7" leather tablet case for kindle…


Nice this is perfect for my 5 dollar coupon.

Oh wait, does anyone know if either of these will fit a kindle fire?


@portezbie: Fits the Kindle 3G keyboard just fine. I think they're the same size, and this doesn't obscure any of the ports, in the way that some of the covers do. I bought a red one, myself. Same thing; couldn't resist the free shipping (which made this $5.40 for me, after tax).

I'll bet the brown cases sell out last. It'll probably be neck and neck with the red and black ones. Kind of cool that there's a choice of three colors, and two types of holders (the Galaxy has a little window for the camera; I couldn't see any other difference).


Hey, how do I get free shipping? Thanks so much.


@jilltets: Sorry, you're out of luck on this one.

We were referring to coupons that we both happen to have. This is a great deal anyway, even at $10, since similar cases will run about $25 to $40 (and I never ever saw a red one before).


I just got one of these in the last BoC. Unfortunately I had no use for it, but a friend of mine did. Looks and feels pretty nice and he was excited to have it.


@bigapplebookworm: The Nook Color may fit the Kindle Keyboard (Kindle 3) case. They should be about the same width, but the NC is about 1/2" taller than the K3.

(Based on comparing my NC with my Kindle 2 and the description at

I can't find my Galaxy Tab to compare it to the NC, sorry.


I bought my husband the iPad version of this case and it's great. Good looking and well designed. He gets asked about it all the time.