deals$10 off $100


I don't see any such deal. I call shenanigans!!


I couldn't find it either.


I was able to use it online.


I just ordered and got the deal. You add the promotion code once you're starting the checkout process. There was a little wonkiness where the discount went away once I entered my info. But I went back, re-entered, and it eventually took effect.


@lucyfoss: @hosesplus: @rdanderson1:

I just tested the code (again, mind you) and it is still working. Thanks for your input, though.


Worked fine for me - Keep in mind the 'APRIL' has to be in caps


Hey Home Depot, How come I can't order a $100.00 gift card and get $10.00 off?


@casey00001: The same reason you can't use any coupon on any gift card. The gift card activates as the price paid, so if you [WERE TO] use the coupon, you'd only have a $90 gift card.


@casey00001: The only instance where you can do something like what you're talking is when there is a "Spend $100 get a $10 gift card" deal. so buy 4x $25 gift cards and you net 10 bucks.

I did this at christmas at Target buying giftcards for siblings and got 3 or 4 cards. Just use self check out so you can split the order up as much as you need to.


i know this is way late but you can walk into any post office and pick up a change of address packet and get this coupon in it. I know contractorrs who go to the post office get like 5 packets each time.