dealsmicrosoft flight on steam for $0.00 + freeā€¦


Never did cost anything, so not a deal per se. Add-ons are a bit expensive


@trinnic - You are correct, however, it is new to Steam today. Nice for those of us who like to manage our game libraries through there, and convenient if you haven't already tried it from other avenues.

As for the add-ons, agreed!


I noticed that the game is rated E but contains Mild Violence. There's Mild Violence in this game? I'm having a hard time believing that...unless when you crash and burn that's considered mild violence.



Mild violence = Plane crashes = TWISTED METAL AND INVISIBLE CARNAGE!!!!!


I think the "Mild Violence" applies when you're flying the JetBlue AirBus A320 and lose your marbles and have to be subdued by AI passengers after the copilot cons you into going to the loo.