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How well do these work, especially on a larger dog like a Golden?


The vibration from these is pretty intense... it was pretty uncomfortable/intolerable when I tried one of these on my own nails. It wasn't this particular brand but i doubt they are very different.

Of course animals might perceive the feeling differently.. maybe even be more tolerant but I just clip.

Hmmm maybe I'll give it another shot or just use an emery board to smooth out after clipping.


I think these work better on larger dogs. I tried one on my shipoo and she was not having it. She doesn't mind the dremel at all though.


How funny. I was just speaking and basically depressing the house with the declaration of the dreaded nail trimming of our beloved family dog tomorrow.
I would pay a very large amount of money for a nail trimming device that was in some way at all automatic and fool proof.

Trimming our dogs nails is a dreadful and dangerous task for all concerned. She would absolutely HATE this. It takes three of us to hold her down.

Blood. Pain. Sadness.

I believe the temptation I'm feeling over ordering this is due to nothing more than wishful thinking. Surely for a pet who hates having their nails messed with, this is even worse than clipping?


I have used a similar device - pedipaws - for the past 4 years without any problems. If your dog's nails are clear and you know up to which point to cut it's fine. A bit trickier with dark or black nails. As long as you press the dog nail against the rough surface in the right direction everything is fine. The rotating surface should move posterior to anterior or side to side for it to be comfortable for the dog. There is a cap that prevents the hair from being caught in the rotating part of the thing.
The only downside from the one I have is that it's only battery operated and it goes through them in a blink, then loses power.
I might give this one a try, with the AC adapter.
Definitely recommend this option for nail trimming, the apparatus pays for itself when you avoid having to take your dog for nail trimming just once.


We've had one of these for several years. This is a very good price. They work pretty well and the dogs get used to them. I find I still trim their nails with clippers and use this to round them off.


Hd more than one for my boxer, the first one got returned for being under powered, the second he hated i think it hurt him. To be fair even when we went to the vet he seemed like getting his nails clipped hurt him though.


The hardest part about using these is getting the dog acclimated to it, if successful. If successful, you may find that the torque on these may be lacking ,due to the "tool truck sale quality" power units, for use on larger breeds.. The originator of this US created item offers a head unit that is made specifically for Dremel motor units, which run more quietly, and with more power.


If you have a dog, who is terrified of getting their nails clipped this is not a magic bullet. As the owner of a dark nailed, 65lb pound lab who is absolutely spaztic about getting her nails clipped, I can vouch for that! I grew up around many dogs (in a business setting), so I knew to start trimming her nails when she was a pup. Used nail clippers, never cut her quick but she still never became comfortable with nail trimming especially her front paws.


Our previous dog was just fine with this sort of trimmer, and it worked very well and was easier on everyone than regular clipper. Our two current ones hate the noise, though, and won't have anything to do with it.

I don't know about this specific model, but some will take standard Dremel accessories. I'll be trying that with our Oster trimmer. Variable speed control is nice.


I use a Dremel tool for our Rhodesian Ridgeback and have for 13 years.
She doesn't like it but it gets the job done and done quickly.
This appears to be very similar. I only wonder for $10 if it would have the power to work on the larger dog's nails.


I take my dog to a groomer for this, partly out of laziness and partly as a routine form of socialization. They charge me $10 to do it. My Great Dane prefers the grinder over the clipper. As in, you got to have cajones to bring a clipper near him after the groomer made a bad cut and hurt his foot. He'll tolerate the grinder (with some warning growls just to let the groomer know to watch themselves) but no clippers any more. Make sure to keep switching from nail to nail and coming back around so no one nail gets overheated.