dealsoster 6-cup rice cooker for $18.39 + free shipping


Amazon lists same model for $18.96. With my Amazon Prime membership with free shipping, I think I'll stay loyal to them on this one. I've had great experience with returns to Amazon, and zero experience with Kohl's.


I got one of these about 2 years ago. Nevermore do I constantly over- or under-cook rice on the stove. After all this time and regular use, it still works like a charm, I love it!


I have one of these sitting in my kitchen. They are a must have for any college student. Rice is cheap and full of carbs (eat brown rice, its better for you).

As for a product review, I would have spent a few more bucks and gotten a better one if I could have. These things have a cheap aluminum steaming bowl which sometimes "overcooks" rice on the bottom.


The white part looks like a face.


Rice cookers are amazing. You can dump all the ingredients for jambalaya in, push the button, and it comes out delicious with no work to cook.


Paging @superheman

Did you ever get your rice cooker? If not, you may want to take a look!


I have also had this cooker for about a year and a half now. It does seem cheap, but it works pretty well. The rice on the bottom will sometimes get overcooked and stick, but it seems like the more rice you cook the less rice that sticks to the bottom. I use the steaming tray pretty often too, with or without rice cooking underneath.


You can use code SAVE30 if you have a Kohls charge card to get you 30% off.

Mine ended up being $17.06 out the door!


I got one of these cookers for Christmas and it's worked pretty well. If you add a bit more water you'll avoid the burnt rice on the bottom. (Try filling it to 2 1/2 "Oster cups" for 2 "cups" of rice and tweak from there.)