dealsstarcraft ii: wings of liberty - mac/windows for…


Also, forgot to put it in the post, but free store pick up or free shipping, your choice.


Umm is this not going anymore?


I clicked the button and it says that the price is 39.99 not 19.99... Not sure if I am doing something wrong


Sorry, I thought it was for the whole weekend but apparently it is over. Glad I got my copy, I almost waited.


Glad there is another place to get that price.

I only ended up paying 50¢ for my copy because Best Buy was running another promo where they gave you 50% extra trade in credit for games you traded in store. So I grabbed three old 360 games I had lying around and hadn't played in months that usually would have only been worth $13 and got $19.50 for then and used them to buy this game for $20. So what would have cost me $27 out of pocket usually was only 50¢.