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Why I like my Coleman Xtreme 62 qt. wheeled cooler:
-Can sit on it (other brands not so much without damage)
-Keeps food COLD for at least 3-4 days without extra ice (We use a combination of about 6 ice packs and a few frozen food items) in 90-degree heat (which we had for several days this past week)
-Wheels and elongated handle make moving a full cooler much easier


Here's a link from Coleman on how to max. the cooling of the Xtreme cooler line.


With dry ice you will come home with some of your original ice cubes still in tact 5 days later, and your leftover meat will still be frozen.


@brian188: as will your beer... i did this once. went to separate coolers after that :-)


Out of stock. Missed it.

BUT may be available at your local store. Inventory not available on line.