dealsgatorade 8 packs for $5.00


good deal, you can even pick up AND pay in the store.


Just FYI, fierce grape makes my poop green


@lmensor: I took a pic of my stool and sent it to my ex saying "HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY" lawl


FYI: $4.98 @ Walmart, but you don't get the 10% off of course


I ordered five packs last night to be picked up and paid for at the store.

This morning I got a text message and email letting me know they were ready.

I drove across town to the store and was told it was still pending. I showed the lady a printout showing that it was not pending and she said, "Well he hasn't gotten it finished yet."

I asked when it would be "finished" and she shrugged and said she didn't know.

I said "bye".

I then got home and called the MyGofer customer service line. I explained what happened and said I thought they'd like to know. They hung up on me.

Yes, they hung up on me.

I was very surprised, and asked my wife sitting next to me if I'd sounded unreasonable or anything and she assured me that I sounded as calm and cool and collected as I thought I did. Neither of us can figure out why they would have hung up.

Oh well.