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Is anyone familiar with the FreeAgent GoFlex system?

I want NAS but would definitely want a larger capacity. This one also has USB which I have not seen in other comparable drives. Does that mean I could add lets say a 2TB external drive which would also be part of the NAS?


if you read the "What It Is And Why You Need It:" section it says it's expandable to where you can hook up more drives through usb so in theory you could hook up to as many drives as you'd like. well so long as the USB chain can stand it that is.

for example:

you may be able to purchase a usb cord that has 7 additional ports and then hook that up to the seagate and bam up to 7 extra TB at your disposal. course this is if there is enough power to all the hard drives. I personally would just go with a max of 4 extra hard drives. It may start taking it's toll on the seagate after a while. lol


When you say "taking it's toll on the seagate"- does Seagate have a decent reputation?

I only have about 1TB of data but I would definitely want more space than needed. The hard drives always have a little less actual usable space, and I would want space to expand. I would just be looking to use the USB to hook up one external drive- there are plug-and-play 2TB drives for like only $100. If I did this, I assume the 1TB and the expansion USB drive would be two separate network locations, right?

Newegg also has the 2TB version of this for $129.99 today after a coupon code. Tempting...because it would be easier, and probably cheaper than having a USB drive connected. I'll post the link if nobody has done so already.


By that he means the voltage draw on the USB port. Too much pull could cause the drive to fail. This wouldn't be a problem
if you use externally powered devices. For example, if you connected 7 notebook external drives that are solely USB powered that might cause a problem, but if you use ones that require an ac adapter, you'll likely be fine.


Fortunately this was out of stock when I went to buy it. The thing has horrible reviews on amazon and elsewhere... Idk about others, but I'd avoid this one.


I think all hard drives are just disposable commodities. I don't care much about reputation/quality anymore- they will all fail at one time. I'd rather buy a popular brand like Seagate versus a cheap knockoff, but again, I will almost always go with what's cheapest.

I didn't even get in on this deal!!!!! I couldn't decide whether I wanted 1 or 2TB. What a fool! Well, you snooze you lose! Hopefully it will come back in stock. Anyways, guess I did my job ;-)

I'll expire this and repost if the product comes back in stock.