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Wasn't the Weather Underground also the name of a 60's radical movement?


@tbgolladay: Yeah it was, now it's just a kickass weather site.


great! worked like a charm. is my favorite site - thanks for posting this.


I have been a WU member as no cost since 2004 as I upload my personal weather station data to their site. This type of membership also permits one to give "free" year-long memberships to anyone. So there are at least two additional ways to get this deal for free.

On a similar note, WU made some major changes to their web site a while back. I absolutely hate the new look! The old site is still accessible by changing the "www" to "classic" in the URL.


Just be careful when you join. Obama had a neighbor in Chicago named Bill Ayers and he was a member of the Weather Underground ( and the GOP tried to use that affiliation to tank Obama's campaign.


Wow, my paid membership ended on Feb 12, Now I've got another year. I do love Wunderground, esp. the Wundermap, I'm kinda a weather junkie. Even made my own page based on their data, for use on mobile devices.


Never heard of it before but I like what I'm seeing. Signed up for the year and already set up alerts