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Snore. 48 AA batteries for $15.10 everyday at your local Costco, consistently rated as identical to Duracell in performance.


@narquespamley: lol..."local" Costco is an hour drive. This saves me money on gas.

You should post the deal at Costco and link the deal that you post. Let everyone have a chance to take advantage.


@narquespamley: So true, they even have 48 packs of Duracell AAA's for about the same price. This one is NOT a deal if you have a CostCo membership, or a friend who has one.


Why would I post a "deal" for an a product sold at the same price every day at Costco? More to the point, Amazon sells Duracell AA batteries at 100 quantity for 42 cents apiece, again better than this "deal" if you go for bulk. Pointless.


They're selling expired batteries.

One user on eBay who bought it has this to say:
Batteries dated 2012/13, not 2018/19,told Duracell exp . check web site

Other users appear to be saying the same:
The batteries we received are dated 2012/13, not 2018/19 as in the advertisment


@omnichad: That is incorrect:

I thought the same thing and contacted Duracell. This is the actual guide give to ebay by them.


@morriea: Ha. Thanks. So that probably makes it dumb of the eBay seller to state "Expiration date of March 2018/2019 printed on side of the battery." Since what's printed on the battery is 2012/2013. Even the picture shows the older date.


@omnichad: It sure does. They are not too bright. I ordered some Duracells on eBay and was MAD when I thought I received expired batteries due to the date on them. I did some research and found that Duracell started printing the MFG date on them. I think the RETAIL BOX had the EXP date, but these were without.

I order MANY things online that people usually get at the store because I live in the middleofnowhere. Things like this save me money on gas and time to drive places. I only make a trip to the city about once a month now (and the "city" is not much, but has a Walmart). It is a trade-off that I am happy to make.

vote-for0vote-against has AAA duracell 60 packs for almost that cost. They also don't ship expired batteries!

$19.80 + shipping

The coupon WOOT5 will get you another 5% off.


picture shows 2012 batterys