dealsrobot corkscrew for $11.00


Wonder how many sales they'll miss out on by requiring ppl to sign up for an account just to LOOK. idjits, I mighta been in for 1.5.


@dpmonkeyboy: My guess is not many. Deal hunters just use a shopping email address to work with the flash sale sites. Most higher-end brands will not openly do sales other than using the flash sale model.

Hayneedle/TheFoundary has a lot of good stuff, and judging from the voting, I think most people are taking advantage of it, rather than "missing the sale". Try it, no spam at all. I've been using them for two years, and they have VERY good service; I am talking about Nordstrom level service.


I can't look, I don't buy!!!!


They just missed another sale. How bad would it suck to have to fill out a page of information on every website we visited on the Internet. I'll take my corkscrew business elsewhere!


@lll0228: Thanks for the info, I'll keep it in mind. There's just something about a place that is that aggressive/demanding about getting my info - you'll get it if I buy something, why so needy just to look? But I also tell the grass to get off my lawn, so I may (may) be the outlier.


Who is "leo57"?

That seems to be who the INVITE leads to when clicking thru and thus would be the person who would get credit/$$$ for email addys to the Foundry.

I asked this question before and did not get an answer... if I am not mistaken if one joins the Foundry by invite, even without buying, the original invitee get a pretty handsome reward/$$$???!!! THEN if that person buys the person gets even MORE credit/$$$. Pretty nice deal.

Maybe I am mistaken but if not this would be pretty wrong on a Woot/Deals page... No?


@fjp999: Deals.Woot automatically converts any invite/affiliates to their code. The mods have said that many times and JumboWoot did, too.

And if you know about rate of returns on internet clicks...the return is pretty darn low. It's not worth my time, trust me. I make enough. This is just fun.


@lll0228 thanks for clearing that up... I was not aware of those facts!

Previously I had also praised the Foundry in your posts (one was with a day I had just opened my front door to a new Japanese lamp from them)... I have TWO huge Warhol framed pieces and one was damaged in shipping - as you said, customer service is excellent (and this was a most complicated one)...

Some pop-up shops show prices before signing up and some dont... I have an older friend who signed up to the Foundry under my invite and when I tell him to go look at this or that he always gets upset that he cant see the prices because he isnt logged in (and often forgets his password - and you know the hassle that is, lol)... so it can work against some pop-up shops.