dealsjamba juice - $1 oatmeal at jamba juice ends…


Oh Yeah!!! Best Oatmeal in the world!


I guess I've lived on the Moon all my life. What the heck is a "Jamba Juice"? None in my area that I've ever seen.


A Jamba Juice is a smoothie franchise that has a menu so unnecessarily complicated that if you walk in and ask for a "strawberry smoothie" they will stare at you like you requested a shoebox full of nuns.

When you then peruse the menu for the most-strawberry-ish selection, and make your choice, they will then ask you for your choice of "shots". Additives, that is. Wheat grass, vitamins, "energy boosters", etc. Nothing that has anything to do with any smoothie I've ever made, but you will be required to select at least one before they will be grudgingly go to work on your order.

Then you will pay a ridiculous sum for your chemical concoction, and wonder why the hell no one has opened up a real smoothie shop in your town.


@kissmyaxe: Yes! They have a lot of unexpected calories. You may think it's healthy, and they certainly taste good. In moderation.