deals50% nook best selling book sale


I don't have a Nook, but I notice the picture on this is of Neil Gaiman's new book The Ocean at the End of the Lane. This book is well worth the $19 or $20 I paid for it, and SO worth the sale price here. I'm a couple chapters from the end and it's fantastic.

Just in case anyone wanted an unsolicited recommendation. :)


Amazon appears to have matched the price already for at least the pictured Neil Gaiman title on Kindle..


You can also get a free Nook software for your tablet or computer....


Nook books are epub, you can download the epub and load on other ebook readers. The android nook software is essentially the same thing as what you get on a Nook color tablet.


@alose: I actually convert my epubs to pdf. That way I can shift them around between my reading devices. It's super easy to send a pdf to your Kindle via your Kindle address. Hit Send an email, put in your Kindle address, put convert in the subject box, attach the pdf and hit send. Should hit your Kindle within a few minutes.

I think that's one of the reasons why the Nook failed to do as well as the Kindle. They limited the amount of pdf's etc that you could read on your Nook.

Also, Neil Gaiman's book is pretty awesome. I'm a chapter or two away from finishing it. It really is a book to be savored.


Oh, yeah. Amazon is definitely matching these prices. Just snagged NOS4A2 by Joe Hill for $7.99


BN uses a variant of the standard Adobe DRM for epubs. Do a quick search for the Python scripts and it's a cinch to decrypt (for Kindle and other personal use).

Or use Calibre with a plugin. Easy peasy.