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@wire: Amen! 50% of all owners give the drive a 1 out of 5. Buy this drive if you really, really want to experience the Seagate Click O' Death first-hand!

Absolute any price.


To be fair, I've had no more trouble from any drive manufacturer than any other. A percentage WILL fail, that's a given.
My problem here: Nothing that's 250GB or larger should ever be less than 7200 RPM. Want to run a full scan on a 2TB drive @ 5900 RPM? You'd have to do it @ night, otherwise you'd wait all day. Thanks, no.


I recently got the Samsung 2TB drive from costs more but has MUCH better reviews overall.


@havocsback: Don't forget the difference in platter density though too. My 2TB is 5400 RPM but still runs consistently faster than my 1TB WD Blue drive and usually runs somewhere around 130MB/s during large file transfers.


Don't forget, people are more likely to bitch when their product is bad, than when it works like it should.


@clutchsins: i got the Samsung for the same price so it can go for that again. it has been fine, but a single review is not worth anything.


I have 16 of these drives; a dozen of them in a hardware RAID array for nearly a year. One drive got failed by the array once. I took it out, found there was a firmware upgrade available, upgraded it and then ran a full disk scan and wrote over the entire drive (which does take hours) and it checked out OK so I put it back on the shelf as a spare. No other problems to report so far.
That having been said, 2TB is a LOT of data to risk on a single drive, from any manufacturer and these are far from the fastest drives out there, so I wouldn't recommend using one as your only/OS drive. They'd work fine for storing stuff you don't care that much about, or for backups of data on other drives, or for normal data if using RAID1/5/6 to provide fault tolerance.
I like the lower power since I've got so many of them running 24x7, and the performance in the array is fine; it's striping data across several drives.
I had the 750GB 7200RPM drives before and a couple of those did fail prematurely.


@spyder69696969: Did you even click on the link at look at how many people rated it a 1 egg? Seriously?


I have 2 250GB Seagates from 7-8 years ago that are still running strong, but I noticed that the larger the drive, the quicker the failure rate. I bought 2 separate Seagate 1TB drives: One lasted 3 days the other last 2 years. After the first one died, the replacement I received had the click of death within a month.

To be fair my 10year old WD 160GB drive is still running but out of the 3 250GB WD drives, only one of those lasted more than a year. I also noticed the ones that last longest were 7200RPM IDE and not SATA.


You can get a WD Caviar Green for $10 more. I just did that x2