dealstwo piece string bikini in 3 colors, misses and…


All sales final at this price. Please measure carefully, use the size chart on the product page and ask all questions before ordering.


@ohcheri: Did woot ban you from posting lingerie like you used to? (Not that bikinis are that much different, let's all be honest.)


@rayray8822: Unless they're crotchless stockings or cupless tops or fishnet body suits, etc. They don't have to blur or the models don't have to cover body parts in any of the bikini shots. So yeah, a bit different.


@rayray8822: We post lingerie every day:

Woot does not allow lingerie on the Popular tab.


@first2summit: We sell plenty of lingerie that covers much more than swimwear. The mods decide what is #lingerie (or #sexy) and use these tags to manipulate what appears on the front page.


@ohcheri: I know but you also sell and have posted plenty of lingerie that doesn't leave much to the imagination.


@first2summit: I must have a better imagination than you do. There's plenty for it to do.


@joemarfice: Then I'm sad for you if you have to imagine it.