dealsjurassic park ultimate trilogy blu-ray region…


Dang, why is the UK getting such a smashing deal and not us bloody Yanks?


The normal price for this on Amazon UK is 10 pounds so about 25% less than it is now. It has been the same price for a couple months because I've been tracking it. If you wait a few days or a week, the price will go back down, I'm sure.


@miniskunk: if it makes a difference most blu-rays are region free, so you should be able to watch it!


I think the shipping cost across the pond would outstrip the savings.


@miniskunk: Not so. Add it your cart and see (you can use your regular Amazon login for the UK site).


Comes out to ~$18 USD shipped for me. The US Amazon has it for $40 right now.


I ordered this a couple months back. Came in 1 week. I'll be buying all my box sets from their UK site from now on. Well worth it.


This version is listed on US Amazon as Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy (Blu-ray) (Import) for $24.99 though it is Prime Eligible. It's $18.07 to ship it from the UK and wait a week. Craziness!