$100 gift card for $19.99 + free…


Run FROM this one. Absolutely not worth the money. So many restrictions and hidden fees, it winds up costing more than if you just went out to dinner. Rip-off alert!


@eyesteve3: I disagree. I would not have posted it if I thought it was a ripoff. As I said in my post, there aren't many participating restaurants in my area, but I had great luck using them in a Vegas.


My last experience was you have to say you have a gift card up front. Then I could not find squat for restaurants. I went back in without saying I had a gift card and way more places but going that way you have to pay for them not use a card. To me that is a rip off.


wdwyr: Can you please re-explain all that.? I probably agree with you, but it made no sense at all. "I went back in saying I hade a gift card and way more places but going that way..."?


I missed a word in the post.
Basically, there were a lot more restaurants available to buy coupons for when paying with money rather than a gift card. When I did a search I had to say if I was redeeming a gift card. If I did that there were far fewer choices to buy.


@wdwyer: First, this is a gift card to, which allows you to buy discount coupon on their website. Second, I have used MANY times and saved much money. Third, I'm sure it depends on your area how many participating restaurants are around. There's a whole bunch around here.


@willamazonkillwoot: That has been my experience, too. I check my local participating restaurants every time a good deal comes up, but there aren't many here, and none that we really like. I gifted one to my sister who lives in an area with tons of good participating restaurants and she loved it. And, as I've mentioned, these are great if you are planning to vacation in an area with lots of good options. In my experience you can't just walk into one of their restaurants and present your card, you have to arrange to use it in advance and some spots have tough restrictions, but for this price I figure it will be pretty easy to get my money's worth out of it.


Our experience, admittedly from a couple years ago - we live in a major metro area. Most of the listed restaurants were not popular or highly rated places. When we did find places we liked, all the coupons/deals were already sold out for those places. The bottom line was the only way we could use it would have been to go to places we did not prefer.

Since we eat out to enjoy ourselves (vs. convenience), was a non-starter for us.


Not worth it:
$19.99 so you can buy $100 in coupons sounds good, but:
Every couple weeks, has a "$5 for $25" or even "$4 for $25" deal (best I've seen was $3 for $25).
Which is just a percentage reduction, you can also get $5 or $10 coupons.

As for itself:
Agree with bluemaple on analysis, but not on conclusion.
Restaurants use these as advertisement to get new customers, to drive business. Popular, packed places will likely not be on (duh). But it is great t o try out newly opened places, or some small place you've never been to. And once they become popular they won't be on anymore.


@tantris: in our market, new restaurants tend to use Groupon to garner attention. The more likely entries? Tired, has been restaurants trying to fill tired furniture. Conclusion: same as before. Check your market prior to buying. Glad you're happy with them in your market!