dealsikea- printable coupon $25 off $250


@acrizer: Thanks.... I was wondering where my coupon was.... there it was in the spam....


Tried it. Coupon was in spam only a couple minutes after submitting.


@vixro: Death Star of furniture, I can agree with. What you're suggesting, however, doesn't reflect my experience of Ikea.


It's basically the wal-mart of furniture. Haven't you seen the people shopping there?


@cnherrick: I dunno, it worked for me just fine. Did you check your spam filter to see if it wound up there, as was pointed out earlier in the comments?


Don't bother. They want your email and address so they can spam you. You fill it out and presto, no coupon.

Make Ikea into No-kea.


@silveravnt: I don't think you understand business. They don't care if you're actually moving, they just want your $225.


@minngreengt: Still nada. I was also already signed up to recieve Ikea emails at the address I used, so maybe that's part of it. :\

edit: tried another email (that also already gets ikea emails) and it came through that time immediately. Weird.


My coupon didn't come with the little alan key needed to assemble it. =(


Its actually a cheap 10% off since the limit is $25 off. Its like 10% off your first $250....(profanity) business tactics if you ask me.


@jezebelseven: Mine ended up in my SPAM folder... check for it there.


@zendick: Well technically is fraud. But stealing by fraud is still stealing. Right?


How long did it take you guys to get your email? I am actually moving and planned a trip to Ikea this weekend, so the timing's great... if the coupon would show up.

Wondering if what I put in as my moving date has anything to do with it...


It is so easy to spend $250 at Ikea.


I AM deeply "moved" saving 25%.... very moving moment...


You should have put 'moving' in the title. The coupon is for people who are moving. One could just fill out the form and lie about moving but that would be both lying and theft. IKEA has treated me so good I can't steal from them.