dealshotel deluxe 300 thread count 100% cotton fine…


I purchased 3 sets of these sheets. I purchased 2 more after sleeping on them. While 300 count may not seem very high for whatever reason they are extremely comfortable to me. The kinda sheets that you take a shower, even though you dont need one, then climb into bed and say ahhh.
10/10 Sheets.


@groove2010: How have they held up after several washes? I've read reviews for a different set of soft cotton sheets on Amazon that sound great and are under $30 but several reviews say that the sheets pill/bead after using them for a month or so. Thanks for any insight.


@thericochet: You mean you wash your sheets more than once a month? Wow, sanitary!


@stephenjng: hah!
"If this was a drug deal, I would have shot Hotel Luxury Linens in the face!."


I think these are the same ones that I've gotten before from TJMaxx. They are the best sheets EVER! They hold up really well after several washings. Worth every penny :)


@shampshi: You should only try to be funny if you're actually funny. Would be a good internet rule in general.


I've got a mattress with a pillowtop and all that. Are these deep pocket sheets or whatever they're called that will fit thicker mattresses?


I will never do business with this company again. I purchased some bed sheets on the 12th of January and, as of, the 27th of February, still have not received them. Twice they sent me emails saying the sheets shipped; and twice they've told me there was a shipping problem and they should be shipping soon. They won't refund my money or, now, even return my emails.