dealsthe best of depeche mode volume 1 (u.s. version…


Growing up in the 80's this was one of my favorite bands. I never went digital with them, so this is a sweet deal for me!


For some reason, the track list is strangely empty...



I've always wondered why this has a later era song like "Dream On" but it doesn't have my favorite song by them, "Policy of Truth."


@ikickedagirl: I had my first kiss while slow dancing to Somebody. I was sad it wasn't on there.


I used to write down the lyrics to "Somebody" to practice my handwriting when I was a tween, or when I was bored in class I would write it in my notebook. 20 years later I can still recite it word for word even though I haven't in years.

I like some of their more obscure stuff that is on this list so I think it's worth $4 just so I don't have to bother ripping it off my CD's.