dealsnice! pistachios in shells with sea salt for $2.99


Is this a deal somehow that I'm missing?


@geeman2000: Pistachios are about $8 or more/lb these days. This is more than half-pound for less than half the price. Basically, it's normally $0.50/oz and this is $0.30/oz.


I wonder if it's the same price in the store?


As 'first2summit' has already stated, this is a indeed a good price. Further reference:

1. 'Wonderful' brand pistachios regular price (widely available)-$7.99 for 16oz=0.$50/oz

2. 'Wonderful' brand pistachios (infrequent) sale price(Walgreens)-$4.99 for 16oz=$0.3125/oz

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3. 'Wonderful' brand pistachios regular price (Costco)-$15 for 48oz =$0.3125/oz [note, FWIW, Costco's own house brand is even less...]

4. 'Nice!' Walgreens house brand pistachios regular price-$4.99 for 10oz=$0.50/oz

5. 'Nice!' Walgreens brand pistachios sale price: $2.99 for 10 oz= $0.30/oz

Yes, 'Wonderful' brand is not the same as 'Nice'. Taste preference is subjective. I find both to be quite good (but neither as nearly as good as the Turkish variety..)

@thejackpine: I walked into my local Walgreens. Yes, they're available in the stores for $2.99. And there is no limit because it is not an 'advertised flyer' sale price.


Walgreens is really rolling out a lot of these "Nice" brand products. I'm looking forward to trying some to see how they compare to the normal name brands.