dealsfarberware® 12 piece resin knife set for $22.00…


I'm not sure what happens when you try to sharpen one of these knives.

Anyone have experience with rosin coated stainless steel?


Resin in this case = Fancy word for 'Plastic'. No?

Edit: Also 12 piece = 6 Knives w/ 6 Sheaths. Hate when they do pots and pans counting the lids as pieces, thus doubling the number. Decent price still compared to Amazon:


+ 4.95 shipping for one.

+ 35.95 shipping for 10.


Am I the only one who at first glance thought these were plastic toy knives?


I've been looking for a way to get my toddler interested in knives, these should be PERFECT!


I eat my raisins whole,no need for a knife to cut them.


@gusvonpooch: You put the raisins in your mouth whole but I doubt you swallow them without chewing them to a pulp.


@cengland0: I live life on the edge,no raisin chewing for me!


I have a set of three of these 'types' of knives. Note: they are stainless steel knives coated in resin (supposedly to slice through cheese and the like easier). Mine are made by a different company, but I love them. You can sharpen them, but of course you will take off some of the resin coating near the edge each time. I recommend them, and having the cover as mine are kept in a drawer was a a big selling-feature for me.


I only have the blue and orange santoku knives. I bought those 2 as a set for $20 at JCP. They are great for home use. The sheaths were a big selling point for me since I didn't want a set with a block.

The resin coating is supposed to help prevent food from sticking to the knives but food does on occasion stick to the knives (especially sticky food like garlic) .


I have a smaller set that I believe I bought from this same site about a year ago and I LOVE them. They are still working great for me and the colors still look like new. I hand wash them of course, too. And they go great with one of these:
I put it on the magnetic strip even with the covers on.