dealsone month of netflix streaming & two movieā€¦


FYI...Netflix portion only valid for first time customers. But a good deal for the movie tickets alone. Too bad the participating theater by me sucks.


From the offer:

To find participating theaters in your area, visit and enter promo code "Netflix".

As for first time subscriber of Netflix, I imagine you could use a different email address or do you have to sign up with the email address you used to purchase the Offer?


@90mcg112: I would think you could use a second email address. They'd have no way of knowing.


@90mcg112: You can definitely use a different email address. Might depend on which objects you use to stream stuff. I don't know how it works if you've got, let's say, an Xbox registered on your account and then you un-register it and add it to a fresh, free account. Don't know if they care enough to pay attention to that kind of thing or not.


"Hollywood Movie Money® will send you a unique reward code for the movie certificate via email, to the email address used for your Netflix subscription. Please allow 2-4 weeks after your Netflix free trial sign-up to receive your reward code. Reward codes must be activated online as instructed in the reward code email before 12/31/2012. Movie certificate must be used within two months of online code activation." So you can't just use a burner email address, as you will have to access it to get your movie passes. Also, you won't be watching a movie this weekend using these passes. Still a great deal, but not as convenient as one might hope.


So, if I'm already a Netflix subscriber and I don't sign up for the free trial, does that mean I can't get my 2 movie tickets?


just a pointer, gmail strips punctuation.
so lets say your email is

they all go to the same but most new user signups take those as unique email addresses.


I can't find a "Buy" button. Is it hiding? Or is it my computer security causing an issue?


This deal just sold out while I was reading the fine print... thanks anyway.


Do you need to pay the $1 and go through Google? When you go to the main Netflix home page, it mentions the same deal at the top, that applies with a free trial. How does the $1 to Google make a difference?


@jobber99: Even though I missed the deal, I'm happy to have learned about gmail and the punctuation - I was not aware of that. Thanks!!!


Sold out but google offers not available in my area as well. Of course.


For online deals, you can choose whatever area you want (you don't have to live there).

I used Brooklyn to get this deal and I don't live there.


@michaels1715: another less known gmail trick is that they actually have two domains that goto the same place, due to a conflict in a foreign country. so and are the same account, but give you two email address you can use.


Bummer, I was ready to try Netflix for the first time.... I think I have a fast enough connection now. I have been pretty happy with Sidereel (until Mega Uploads got busted) Redbox (Rarely) and Amazon (about 8, $1 movies per month)....
You never miss what you never had.
WOOT needs to RIP this Deal


way to put an expired deal on the home page.