dealsxbox 360 - live 12 mo messenger gold pack w/400…


i don't know anyone who pays full price for their Live membership. and throwing in 400 measly points is not enough to call this a "deal"


@ndcouch: Your also getting the chat pad and the headset...


@redkard24: ah. in that case, this is a good deal, and one i'd jump on if i didn't already have my Live membership. I didn't seen that in the description so feel free to ignore and down vote my previous post


@ndcouch: lol thats taking responsibility


@markem63: eh, a stupid post is a stupid post whether i acknowledge it or not. may as well own up to it and save myself the grief of everyone calling me out on it :)


It's only $3 away from Amazon's price, which doesn't make sense. You get free shipping and pay no taxes at Amazon.