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Nothing against you squatchy, but I just don't think I can upvote something that should have been included in the original product (ie an ending).


I don't get the hate.... I was really impressed by the ending. By not showing every detail of the aftermath, they let me interpret it on my own. Ever see Escape From LA? Same deal. I spent a week happily writing endings for my favorite characters.


Bioware releasing a different ending is BS! Never have I seen a company just bend over and take it from fanboys so hard.

Fanboys: "There was something in the trailer that wasn't in the game, we want it now. The ending wasn't what we wanted. We don't care about your creative storytelling, we want it to end this way!"
I think it was a slap in the face to the developers.


@wickedd365: Agreed 100%. I lost a lot of respect for BioWare and the so-called 'hardcore gaming community' through this.

I would have loved a different ending to many books, movies, etc., but I'm not about to crap all over creative freedom just so that I can get my way!


Amazes me how pissed people get about video games. I understand having an epic story line and then getting cheated from an ending, but some people take this way out of line.


@sumduud: That's because some people become emotionally invested in the video games they are playing. Have you ever cried during a movie or book? Have you ever stood up and clapped at the end of a movie? This is even more true for video games where the story is engaging AND the player makes decisions that affect (or don't affect as many reviewers of Mass Effect 3 complained) the outcome.

I don't personally care, and I do find it disturbing that so many people were so invested in the game, but it's not hard to understand why.


@thepenrod: I have been as emotionally invested in games as any other form of media (movies, books, music...), but I have always accepted the ending as the artist's vision and there's NO way I would ever dream of pushing my own selfish desires upon another artist's work just because I didn't like how it ended.

Question - would you expect Scorsese to change the ending to The Departed just because a hardcore group of people invested in the storyline didn't like how it concluded and got their collective panties in a bunch? How about Christopher Nolan and Batman Begins?


@fitbabits: Actually, directors/producers/writers/whoever-makes-such-decisions make changes to ends of movies all the time. Many films are screened before an audience long before they are released and the people in charge of the movie may make changes based on audience reaction. Some film makers include more than one ending as bonus features. And of course you also have director's cuts of films. What say you to that?

I don't expect anything, I said above I don't care. My point is about understanding people, not declaring those people are in the right (or the rightness of such things).


this ending was so much better it really doesn't leave any thing to question, unless you get the perfect ending when you see shepard get up!


@thepenrod: Being emotionally investing in a game doesn't give you the right to threaten people! I am a gamer, I understand being invested in something like that. People took this way overboard. Not sure if you paid any attention to it when it came out, but people were beyond reasonable in how they reacted.

1 example -

Now tell me that is ok and jsut because they were emotionally invested. I'd say unstable is more likely.


@sumduud: From my comment above "My point is about understanding people, not declaring those people are in the right (or the rightness of such things)."

There is always extremism. You didn't mention any specifics until just now. Indeed, that particular situation is unstable, but more than that, it is wrong. But really, you're moving this away from your original point.

Edit: Sorry, I was confusing a couple of comments. Let me elaborate and correct myself. Yes, some people get way out of line. But aside from the extremism, the larger group of those who respond with such vociferousness is generally explained by two things. Emotional and/or personal investment and mob mentality. Again, I'm not excusing it, I'm explaining it. (The larger reaction, not the extremism.)

And for that matter, I think a lot of people are unstable, even those who don't react in such extreme ways.


Whether the ending was well-crafted or not, it had no impact at all. The ENTIRE Mass Effect series was built around the premise of your decisions actually mattering. You could get romantically involved with crewmembers, you could choose who to sacrifice, you could choose whether to save the council or not, etc etc. At the end of each of the first 2 games, your decisions actually affected what had happened. The promise was completely branching storylines, with totally separate endings. I know you can say pulling that off would be next to impossible, but they promised it day in and day out until their faces turned blue.

The entire time Mass Effect 3 was being made, developers said "for the ending, we won't do an A/B/C thing, it'll be more complicated," and turns out it wasn't. Turns out the decisions you made throughout the 3 games really didn't impact the ending at all.

People were pissed off about being lied to, and calling the fans whiners for wanting what was promised is just sad.


@thepenrod: Even understanding people doesn't stop me from being amazed at the levels some people take things. I didn't get away my original comment at all. I said some people take things too far, then I provided a very specific example of that. Yes it is fine to be disappointed in an ending. I've read plenty of books and then when I see the movie I am disappointed by the ending and how they changed it. I might voice that to friends or on a blog, podcast, or review sitel; but I am not going to extremes as some people have.


Wow, you people think this is just because of a few "hardcore gamers" complaining? People are pissed because the entire game was garbage because EA rushed it out for the multiplayer aspect. The ending didn't make any sense at all and all three of them were almost identical. People are pissed because EA as a company doesn't have any respect for it's customers and people are finally starting to see that.


@planethell: Another prime example of that is SWTOR. EA rushed it out and made back their investment, but because they rushed it lost huge subscriber numbers. EA does a lot of stuff very wrong and I am not arguing that. All I said was it amazed me how far people take stuff... but apparently no one else is amazed some dumbarse gamers send death threats because they get mad about a game.


@sumduud: Fair enough. (Also, I realized my mistake right away and edited it, but you probably didn't see it because you read the original in an e-mail.)