dealsget $25 credit for amex's new digital payment app…


This sounds pretty awesome. Here's what I plan to do.

When I get the card in the mail, I would activate it and load $25 from my bank account onto the card.

Then, I would go to the gas station and pull up to a pump. I would go inside and have them put exactly $25 on the pump and pay with the Serve card. They usually have problems taking a prepaid card at the pump itself.

That gets me a $25 statement credit. But I still have the $25 on the card from when I loaded it. So next time my gas tank is low, I have to do the same steps again.

In the end, I pay $25 and get $50 worth of gas.


So is this analogous to Google Wallet? Are retailers accepting this form of payment anywhere yet? The only thing I have Gwallet on is my Nexus 7, and taking that to a store a tapping it on an NFC reader isn't exactly convenient. But free money? I am DEFINITELY into that!


You get a physical prepaid Amex card also. So it's real easy to get in on the deal.


@heymecalvy: If you haven't already activated Google Wallet on your Nexus 7, you might want to look at it. Google gave me $10 for adding a prepaid Google card to Wallet. It was worth a free $10 to take my tablet to the register and tap it once to get that free $10. ;)


@heymecalvy: Awesome! Speaking of the Nexus 7, the Serve app isn't compatible. It's also showing not compatible with my Sony Tablet S with ICS, so I'm betting it's only compatible up through Gingerbread (maybe Honeycomb... don't have any devices running Honeycomb). Looks like it probably doesn't do NFC and it's more of a competitor to PayPal than Google Wallet (although PayPal's app DOES NFC).


Anyone else having problems signing up? I get this error "PARAMETER IS AN INVALID DATA TYPE" on the second page beside the email address when I submit it. I have put in a space after the whole address, have changed the email address, have tried in both firefox and chrome and get the same error each time.


@mktglisa: I got that too. I made sure my password had numbers and uppercase letters, and I got in. Not sure if that's it, but give it a try.


@omnichad: that was it! The error was right next to the email address, so I assumed it was a problem on that line. Thanks for the quick response!


I'm familiar with this because I am a Serve account holder. I joined before American Express bought it from Revolution Money Exchange. RME was a payment service originally trying to compete with other payment services but that didn't pan out. AMEX bought it, and turned it into a very nice prepaid American Express card account. The card that I have in this account is an American Express card. It gets me advantages that American Express card members get, such as when I needed access to the online Tribeca Film Festival, restricted to American Express cardholders. My card was approved and I was given access. I thought that was pretty good.

You can load your card in a multiple of ways, including Greendot Money Pak. I think it is a very good service and would recommend it to anyone.


Just did this and got my free $25 instantly. $25 of free gas for me. +1 OP!

Doing one in my wife's name, as well. Free $50 for us.


Just got mine today. Off to the gas station!


I spent $25 a week ago and I still do not have a credit... Serve customer service has no idea this promotion exist!

I will be telling everyone not to use this service.


@jessiejames97432: I find that hard to believe. All you have to do is share this link with them (which is still active). It's on their website, very clear.


The load is taking forever. I loaded it on Sunday and it's cleared my bank account, but is still showing Pending on Serve's site. This reminds me of the early days of PayPal. I want to spend what I've loaded, but I still have a $0 available balance... :-(


@hwlester: Yeah, once I got my bank account confirmed, I just added and used my debit card instead. It's instant, and there's no fees on doing that until sometime in 2013. At first I thought I'd be able to wait, but the day I remembered to load it was the day I needed gas.


@jessiejames97432: I signed up through my link and I got my credit. It took several days for the charge to actually post to my card, even though it showed $0 available the same day. Once the charge posted, I also had a $25 credit.


It works i love free money me and the wife got one