deals65% off 2, 4, 8 or 12 pack waverly aqua cord down…


This may be a really great deal and a really great retailer, but it looks like someone took the photo with their phone camera on their kitchen tile floor.


I came here to make a quip about "alternative pillows", then realized the Woot writer already did. Nothing to see here...


Mediflow Waterbase Pillows are the way to go. It's essentially one of these alternative down pillows, but you fill up a water pouch on the inside to your level of firmness. I am never going back to a regular pillow :)

They are half the price of these and you'll probably get a better nights rest. Then again, it's just an opinion! Good luck.


spendy little things, Aren't they?


Down Alternative does not breath and gets really hot. I pass.


@minkeygirl7: I think I'd be more terrified if my pillow was breathing. I imagine it kinda noisy and whispering: "I watch you while you sleep".


@promyst: The pillows you linked to are $35 each, and I can get 2 of the ones in the deal for $30 shipped. Do you know what the differences are to make the Mediflow twice as expensive?

Edit: realized it's the water pouch that makes it more. Wonder if that's worth it? The deal looks like a nice pillow as is...


@fluffman86: The water pouch is the whole reason Mediflow pillows are great.

They are also high quality, essentially being an upper tier "alternative down" pillow with the added water pouch. You can find down-filled Mediflows, but they cost more.

They are pretty low maintenance also, with the manufacturer recommending to change the water once a year to keep the pouch in good shape. Good luck with your decision!

EDIT: I did mess up my price estimation though, I thought the two pack was $70 AFTER coupon, but it's $35 for 2 after coupon. Even so, I stand by my recommendation :)