dealsassassin's creed: ezio trilogy ps3 for $29.99…


$29.99 feels to me like a retail price for 3+ years old games...


@globesellout: Then I'm sure you bought this already because only 1 of the 3 games included on this disk is 3+ years old.


My bad i thought its part 1+2 + brotherhood. But retail price for this game is not much more $39.99


Assassin's Creed sucks. The first one was good, but the rest have been horrible.


Kill the city guards in creative/sadistic ways to vent your daily frustrations.

My favorite? Poison a guard so that he starts flailing around with his weapon, then throw money at him. Watch the shrieking beggar women who hound you day and night dive for the coins, just to get cut down by the spasming guard.

What? I can't be the only one who enjoys that. Don't judge me!


@purplefeather: I'm on my first playthrough of AC2 and I'm about to go try that. Thanks for helping break up the monotony.