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I can't vouch for build quality, but $180 for a 25" IPS is a pretty good price.


I bought 3 Famous Maker monitors a couple of years ago and they still work just fine. When you peel the sticker off of the front, mine said HP. So I dont know if these are also HP monitors, but the specs look nice.


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So what are the relative advantages of IPS LED vs. WLED?


The one thing that is keeping me from dropping the hammer on this is:

VESA Mountable: No


I think I say this every time, but 1080 really isn't high enough for a 25" monitor. This is a good deal and all, and I'm sure lots of people have good uses for them. For regular computer monitors they keep getting bigger but have the same resolution, so what's the point? The advantage of going bigger is fitting more stuff on. Maybe you're eyes are bad or you want to sit further away I guess.


@bowlingb: IPS has better viewing angles, those panels are often used in better tablets.

There are drawbacks... I'll let Cnet explain.
They give a good overview of the mumbojumbo terms...

If your going to play twitchy games, IPS panels are slower.
If you need to see very clear colors, the IPS panel is better.
It is mostly a matter of what your target use is.


They can pry my 1920x1200 monitor from my cold dead hands.