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I ordered the XS version of Roku from onesaleaday on 5 Dec and it arrived on 28 December. It was a refurb but looks and works like new, I paid $54.95 with shipping. I have ordered around 25 items from onesaleaday and have received all of them except for 1 that was oversold. It was a struggle to get a refund but I was refunded after several emails to the company. I have had pretty good luck with this company, everything I have ordered works as advertised and seems to be a good deal. If you understand what you are getting when you order from onesaleaday... a good price but super slow shipping, you will not be disappointed.


Just bought one. Friend bought new one two days ago for 79.99 so can't wait to brag about this deal.


been buying from them for a couple of years......sure, they're a bit slow to deliver, but I expect that. Woot isn't the fastest, either! Only item I've received that was DOA was cheerfully refunded, very few questions asked. Even received a couple fo TosLink cables I didn't order, and was told to keep them. OneSaleADay is a decent marketer, and is on my "must check" site list daily.


I'm another longtime customer of this and have never had any issues with them. One item was defective upon arrival, but I was refunded on the spot and I was told to "keep it". Lately their shipping has slowed, but mostly if you've purchased something with FREE shipping. I wouldn't hesitate buying from them and watch them just as much as I watch Woot.


If you're worried about the quality of the refurb, go over to, and buy a warranty for it. If you use the ever-present ST coupon code, you'll probably be able to put a 2 year warranty on it for <$10.


i spent more money on drinks last night than this thing costs. I'm in for one.
It surely will last longer than my buzz did


im in for one, cant even get the LT for this price. 44 and change is well worth it^^


it will arrive later than you expect it to. for me it took almost a month for that to arrive. but good product and good price so what the heck


This will be my 3rd box in the house (for the kitchen set), so even though the other ones are XS sets, this is perfect for the little tv in my Kitchen. So it doesn't arrive for a month (sigh) But I have ordered several things from 1saleaday. Item have been good and exactly as expected.
So in for 1.


I ordered the Roku XS I'm a couple days before Christmas and received it before January 1. I don't remember the exact dates. But I expect is a very long wait from the comments here and was surprised by the prompt delivery. BTW, the excess has an ethernet port and a USB connector: the XD has neither of those. When I am streaming 1080p, I want a wired connection. The USB port can be used to attach a hard drive full of bit torrent stuff.


No DLNA or direct play of files on your NAS, I will pass...