dealsubisoft battle tag: 2 player laser tag starter…


Oh BTW, I bought two of the 3 packs on the 17th and they were here on the 23rd so no 1saleaday issues that people have complained about in the past. If limiting your game to 8 players or less isn't a big deal this is hands down the best laser tag system for home use I've ever seen. It comes about as close to the arena vests as you can in this price range.


I regret not buying more before, but I am getting this to expand my vests to 5. This is a very fun game with a decent range. Just know that each gun takes 4 AA batteries, so stock up on those :D


Bought the 3 pack last week, and now grabbed this to flesh out the set.


got one and another guy at work got one too, brings our gun count up to 10 should be fun


This laser tag set rocks! What a ton of fun to play. For the hackers, it appears that all the games come in source code form, so you should be able to create your own games...


We got three of these.

Now I read that you can use up to 5 base stations concurrently for up to 40 players. Also there is already a hack out to double supported number of players on one base station to 16.