dealsace hardware - free quart of paint on march 17…


is it a can of GREEN paint?


I at least get to pick the flavor right?


Good 'nuf deal for me. Was headed that way Saturday anyway. A quart could be the start of many projects like highlighting back and front door, decorative storm shutters, screen door molding. Or should be enough to do a bathroon or closet.

It'll probably just sit out in the shed then get thrown out years later though.


I picked up a free quart a few weeks ago, it'll be enough to do an accent wall in the office. I'm impressed with the paint. I might pick up another quart this weekend too. As someone else mentioned, it would be enough to do a closet, or the front entry. smile


you might have better luck keeping your deals up if you don't post the link from facebook, and instead go to the website for the deal and copy that URL...


I cant go to facebook from work. I'll probably forget to look when I get home.


Just remember it is flat enamel paint. And pick up some paint thinner too.