dealstracfone prepaid touch screen cell phone for $15…


My friend has this phone and it's one of the cheapest touchscreens ive seen, but i swear you could probably whip this on to pavement and the screen still isn't broken. My friend works in furniture delivery and the phone has hit anything that you can think of after falling out of his pocket and with no screen protector or case it's still functioning. I dropped my htc evo 4g and the screen is shattered, his is a minor scratch. Downfall: No android. =[


You may want to check Amazon for this phone. (search for the model number)...It is also associated with Tracphone and sells for $21.99.....The advantage is that from Amazon, it comes with triple minutes for life.....This means that it is a lot better deal once you use it for even a short while...


@alynngil: Wouldn't dropping the phone and not having it shatter be a GOOD thing?
I sure wouldn't expect a $15 phone to rival the quality of a $200 phone, but for someone that needs a phone and doesn't have the budget for a high dollar one, or who loses their phone or maybe is in some sort of job where it does fall out of a pocket or get otherwise damaged often, or maybe for a kid's phone, I would think this phone would be a welcome solution to constantly replacing $200 phones.


@tradergeorge: Customer reviews indicate that this offer comes with the Triple Minutes for Life plan. I'm a very loyal TracFone customer, I've been with them since they rolled out their very first phone. I worked at Radio Shack at the time, we couldn't keep these in stock! Combine this with searching online for promo codes when you buy more minutes, and you can rack up some significantly cheap savings!

Only downside on these phones (and most TracFones) is that while it includes a basic mobile web browser, you pay by the minute on your Internet as well. Surf conservatively! You may also be interested in the Samsung 390G, while it has a smaller screen due to having a built-in keyboard, it's the only TracFone that offers WiFi connectivity.