dealsled laser point mini flashlight with carabiner…


I love Meritline, but I hate when folks post a deal from them.... Because I am totally unable to avoid wandering around most of their site and buying all sorts of interesting stuff I don't really need.

Oh well.....

In for one, and now, back to their site to see what else might be useful!


@magic cave: You and me both . . . it seems that I almost always have something in the mail.

Only had one loser; bottle stoppers that just didn't work. Sent an email to customer service, had a reply around 20 minutes later (I was told to dispose of the stoppers however I liked), and a refund was posted to PayPal less than 45 minutes after I initially hit the 'Send' button.

Slightly off-topic, but kudos to their customer service department.


@rpstrong: It's great to hear about their customer service. I've had one or two items that were DOA, but they were very inexpensive and I didn't bother to notify their CS department. Given your experience, I'll probably email them in the future if there's any difficulty.


@magic cave: By all means, do it. Most of what they sell is decent stuff, and I'm sure they'd want to know if there were problems. I truly believe that they care about their image.