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Hands down the best comedy ever made!I have this very collection and love the crap out of it. They just don't make tv like this anymore. Worth every mother-freekin penny!!!!


My dad got me hooked on this show when I was young, and I still love it to this day! I bought this kollection for him last fathers day, and it was well worth the investment. We even found an episode we haven't seen!


Seems like a good deal, but unfortunately I know nothing of this show.


Would anyone who recently purchased this set please comment on the condition of the set they received? A number of reviews indicated theirs came with many dislodged & damaged discs. I recently bought the complete "Seinfeld" series after reading many similar reviews, but mine came with all discs in good condition, though I immediately placed each in a new sleeve to keep them that way. Thanks!


Well, I guess my last post is now a mute point! .... I went ahead and ordered my set. I see Amazon offers another complete series set for $167.31 so if this set for $48.94 turns out to be a good quality set, It's a heck of a deal and I'll be one happy fella! So I want to thank the academy mean "thetexastwister" for telling us Wooters about this deal and honorable mention to "oldhess" for validating that he/she has "this very set" and confirms that, if I get an undamaged set, the content and, I assume the video quality, is good! So thanks again for this award I mean this collection, it will always hold a special place in my heart and my home! And I couldn't have done it without your help!


I just wish they sold versions of the closed captioned German dubbed version. Apparently it was popular in West Germany and they did some amusing things like added a maid for Colonel Klink, who is never seen but apparently insists on cleaning in the nude, and I've heard that every time someone gives the Hitler salute it is prefaced by someone yelling the question, "How high is the corn?"


@willyone: The disks sit in little cardboard pockets in a folder. Each folder is a season so about 5 disks in a folder. when I got mine there were a few disks dislodged but I have not had a skipping problem yet. I think since it is just a cardboard pocket instead of a plastic retaining thingy in most dvd cases the risk of fatal scratches is minimal


@oldhess: Thanks for the info., it's much appreciated! I'm looking forward to getting mine.

To Woot: I notice an earlier comment in bad taste from someone, and my response to it, have both been deleted. Thank you.


I loved this show when I was a kid, so I decided to try it out on my kids. BOTH of them loved it, which to me was great! I'd had a partial success with Adam 12 - my son loved it, my daughter would tolerate it and struck out completely with Star Blazers. This show clicks with multiple generations.

Stalag 13 is a WWII German POW camp that is commanded with an iron fist by Colonel Klink... or is it really? POW Colonel Hogan has secret tunnels, covert radios and listening devices in his arsenal which keep him and the other prisoners in his charge a step ahead of the Nazis. However, escape for them is not part of the plan. Hogan and his heroes' mission is instead to assist POWs from other camps to escape and administer a healthy dose of mayhem, keeping the Third Reich off balance and reeling in the wake. There is a quality to these shows that is sadly absent in a lot of modern TV shows and comedies.

The pilot is in black and white but the rest is in color. I recommend this show highly!