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Where is Young Zaphod Plays It Safe? No collection is complete without it! I own a version that has a black cover with gold text on it that has that as well - looks somewhat like a spoof of a bible. I would recommend it instead.


Fairly certain it's included. Never heard of one without it.

And if you haven't read these books, I don't think there's anything on this planet I could recommend more than this. Don't think, just buy. Right now.


@lparsons42: It's in there. If you look at the back cover (or read the review), it lists "Young Zaphod Plays It Safe". However, I also own the leather looking edition, and I agree that it looks much better than the book here, but for less than $12, this is a pretty nice collection.


Happy Birthday Douglas Adams!


Sadly, no towel included, but still a great deal.


Wouldn't this be better priced at $11.42?


As an owner of this edition, and having it at my fingertips, I can confirm it contains Young Zaphod Plays It Safe.


My first time reading the series was with this version of the book. Paperback holds up pretty well, considering you're reading it for the length of 5 books. I do think it started to fall apart after lending it out to the 3rd or 4th person.


What an awesome trilogy. I think I need to read them again.


looks like the leather bound version fetches $419 new and starts at $69 shipped used then jumps up towards $90. On Amazon that is... looks like you can get it at for $25ish to start.


Sadly, this is the series about the Hitchiker's Guide... not the actual encyclopedia :-P Did have some fun playing with the Google Doodle today though!


Kindle version for $13. Worth it for only 833 pages?