dealsbacon stick figure family for your car for $1.27…


Just noticed they have an entire set of all 8 for $8.49 minus the coupon.


I hate bacon, but i HATE HATE HATE stick figure family stickers on cars.


Well, if you hate bacon then all I can say is that you must be a Communist. As for the stick figure family stickers, you couldn't be more accurate. I just want to run up to Mom's mini-van and break out an razor blade and remove a kid or two.


What is up with the bacon craze that is sweeping the nation. Something is wrong in this world when they start making bacon dental floss....and now we have bacon family decals? I do like pulling behind a mini-van with the family figures and seeing the faded outline of one of the parents missing decal. Ooops, looks like the happy family is now a happy single parent family. Now the bacon ones have the pig pet character that is "nervous" so when all that's left is just his faded outline.....BREAKFAST!!!


@roni24 @philkensebben: then why are you two posting on a bacon deal? You don't like it, ignore it?

Basically, what i'm trying to say for everyone else is, GTFO