dealssandisk 32gb class 4 microsd memory card w/ usb…


I recently got a 16gb one of these (class 4 card) and the same reader, and they've been working pretty well together. The card was for a slightly older camera (that wouldn't [according to the manual] handle 32gb or class 10 cards) and it's done the trick. The card reader is quite light (as it's just a plastic shell and a few connectors) but it does what it's supposed to, and doesn't take up an extra space (plus it comes with a little keychain connector, if you want to have it hanging out with your keys) I paid about 15 for my card & reader (and 2 microSD to SD converters...don't know why those needed to be included) so if you've got a need for an economic card, I'd go with this deal.

/my 2 cents