deals1/2 ct black diamond stud earrings aaa clarity…


There are two things so very wrong with these earrings.
First, these are not true princess cut diamonds, they are mislabled. They are a simple square cut with no where near the amount of faceting a true princess cut has. Black diamonds are always feature simplified cuts, nothing wrong with that, as black diamonds are opaque, they do not need something too complicated. The table seems awfully large, but that could just be a poor photo.

Second, they are using the bizarre 'A' letter grading system for clarity, that is generally indicative of someone trying to make their product look better than it actually is. This is not an official system for diamonds or any other gemstone, except pearls where it is the accepted system since there is no standardized system for pearls.


The diamonds are 100% Real and Genuine. They are princess cut with a thicker cut. These were one off the hottest selling items at Wal-Mart and Zales this Christmas.
The clarity used by all the Gemological Laboratories including GIA and EGL is A for black diamonds. AAA clarity means the diamonds are the very best. And then comes AA and A clarities.
For white diamonds, the clarity is VS (Very Slight), SI (Slight Inclusions) and I (Inclusions). Because one cannot see any inclusions in black diamonds, that is why the clarity is called AAA with no scratches or white spots.
These earrings will come with a certificate of authenticity, gift box and 7 day return policy with 100% money back guarantee.

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@finediamonds9: See this where I go sniffing around, and could not find a single reference to that grading system on the GIA website, in what limited access I have to the publication Gems and Gemology, or in actual GIA grading reports for black diamonds:

So tell me, where are you getting the criteria for this grading system you are using?


I'm going to go out on a limb and say that finediamonds needs to be banned as a reseller on woot. I've never seen a AAA clarity rating system, nor can I find anything on Google, Bing (and, in turn, yahoo), Wolfram|Alpha, or any other engine which would perhaps carry some knowledge or relevant link regarding the matter.

Bad deal.


@finediamonds9: "These earrings will come with a certificate of authenticity, gift box and 7 day return policy with 100% money back guarantee."

Regarding that certificate of authenticity, is it either a GIA Colored Diamond Identification and Origin Report, a GIA Colored Diamond Grading Report, or an EGL Colored Gem Report? If not, then it's a worthless certificate, and if so, it would be best if the serial numbers from those reports are placed online for the sake of verification.

All legitimate diamond dealers provide the serial numbers upon request (assuming the diamonds have been identified and/or graded), so there shouldn't be any apprehension here unless a) these diamonds weren't graded (which makes the certificate of authenticity claim dubious) or b) the reports are false.


the word "clarity" regarding an opaque object just doesn't make any sense to me. in this context, what does "clarity" mean?


Has anyone else noticed that when you get to the point were you enter your credit card information that there is not security feature? The URL should begin with https and it isn't. I don't want to enter my credit card info on this site because I don't trust it.


and another thing: are these carbonados? or synthetics?


If you are unsure about the security feature and are hesitant towards giving the credit card, you can simply pay via PayPal. And we have given that option on the website. So when you click on "Add To Cart", you will be given two options: Pay via PayPal or Pay via Credit Card.

And if you pay via PayPal, we will not get any credit card information.

As a note, we have been in business for over 35 years and have been supplying to retailers. We started our online venture about 2 years ago and have already become a Top Seller on eBay with over 3,500 feedbacks. We have never indulged in any fraudulent activities. Our parent company is part of JBT (Jewelers Board of Trade).


The diamonds are 100% natural. They are black color enhanced.
They are not carbonadoes or synthetics.

As for black diamonds, the clarity means the quality of the diamond rather then the inclusions in the diamond. How well the diamond is cut. Are there any chips or cracks on the diamond. Are there any white spots on the black diamonds.
The listed black diamonds are AAA Clarity meaning there are no white spots or chips or cracks. The retail price is $135. You are getting an awesome deal. This exclusive deal is for Woot Members Only.


@finediamonds9: You haven't answered the question regarding the certificate of authenticity, which leads me to believe that you're jilting buyers here at Woot.

Also, if they are black color enhanced, then you guys definitely should have had a GIA-standard clarity measurement for the diamonds prior to smoking the diamonds. Again, an A-grade system is never used for diamond clarity.

I've gone ahead and flagged this deal. I doubt Woot will take it down, but your language here is throwing many red flags


I found this, wanted to make others aware. The "A" grading system for these black diamond earrings feels made up, to me. Refer to the bottom for Black diamonds.

Natural Diamond Colors
Natural Diamond colors are ranked according to their rarity and value. The information details what causes the different natural diamond colors:

The Blue Colors are caused by the presence of the element Boron (B) which changes the conductivity of the diamonds

Red, Pink & Brown Colors are caused by crystal lattice defects during the formation of the diamond

The Yellow Colors are caused by the presence of the element Nitrogen (N) which changes the conductivity of the diamonds

The Green Colors are caused by exposure to the natural radiation in the earth such as uranium ore

"Black" diamonds are not truly black, but rather contain numerous dark inclusions that give the gems their black diamond color


Nevermind, just saw the deals.woot edit:
"edited by deals.woot";

That's a first for me, but I guess that's fine. Now I just want to know what the certificate of authenticity is.


Hey Conhopper

They are 50 bucks. what do you expect to get? ya know?


Hello Conhopper:
The diamonds and the metal is inspected by a trained gemologist.
The Certificate of Authenticity which will include (Carat, Cut, Color, and Clarity of the diamonds and description of the Metal). The certificate is provided to show you that you can be rest assured about the product.


@bigshayne: You seem to have done a lot of research on diamond earrings for 50 bucks.

You may be talking about natural colored diamonds when you talk about blue, green, yellow, pink etc. (which definitely cost a lot lot more) while these diamonds are 100% natural, but color enhanced to get the black color.

These diamonds are completely black (completely opaque) and that only enhances the value of the diamond.

As you may know, something (like a white spot) inside the diamond wouldn't look too good because it would stand out easily and those diamonds are graded A quality (because they are not perfect).
Our black diamonds on the other hand are perfect (no white spots, no cracks etc) and that's why they are graded AAA.

Please message us if you have further questions and we would be glad to clear those up.



@jaywint20: My problem wasn't with the price; my problem was with the language used, as a lot of it just made me uneasy.

@finediamonds9: Thanks. Good enough, I suppose. I don't have a need for the earrings, but you've done a good enough job of alleviating fears.


Just because you pay through pay pal doesn't make it secure. If your site does not support https then the paypal can be seen also.

Having a degree in Information Security you tend to notice these things.



You could be right.
But to be honest, we are not that tech oriented. Our focus is on creating sales and 100% customer satisfaction.
Our Credit Card Checkout System is by PayPal. So even if you provide us with credit card numbers, we will not get any information on that. It will go to PayPal and they (PayPal) will give us the funds.
So you can be rest assured about the safety of the site.