dealstoshiba - refurbished 32" class - lcd - 720p…


Meh... Only 720p. The prices on TVs is dropping faster than Obama's re-election chances. Don't get less than a 40" at 1080p for $200.


@tcayer: I disagree. If you have a smaller room, say a guest bedroom, why would you want a 42" screen glaring into your face? There are spaces that are more suitable to a smaller tv, and I think this tv fits the bill nicely. As for the 720p, while not optimal, we are still in an age where virtually all broadcast television is at 720p. So while it's nice for "some" DVD's the true benefit of 1080p over 720p is negligible at best. But I do respect your opinion, and would love to see you post some of those 42" tvs for $200. I'm going to be all over that :)