dealsdomino's pizza: buy 2 medium pizzas for $12, get…


If you've got Shoprunner you can even avoid the $2 delivery fee.

Don't forget to tip your driver though.


the $5 domino's bucks expires in 10 days also!


I don't support companies that don't support women's rights


@threads427: lol awesome. i wished i could vote your comment up twice.


@at3edme1: i bet 75% of the products you use have some ties and affiliations with China. Google how supportive that country is of women and children.


@at3edme1: This may help address your concerns.

Domino's Pizza's founder - who no longer receives any capital from Domino's - funded Operation Rescue and other right-wing causes, but the company itself did not and does not.


It is a scientifically proven fact that pregnant woman eat more PIZZA. So in the interest of growing their business.... the more woman pregnant the better their sales ;)


@at3edme1: I don't support chains that make inedible bargain basement pizzas.


Still overpriced,in my opinion.I always go for the GOOD STUFF,Pizza Hut is still having their 10 dollar any size/topping special.
I get the Super Supreme pan with bacon,it is awesome.


@wootforthestars: i feel they are both way overated. if you can find a snappytomato locally or even if a rockapiggies is still open anywhere. best pizzas from a chain i have ever had. otherwise i go get an expensive slice or two from a local pizzeria. mellow mushroom is to sweet saucy to me, (so is dominos) but a memphis pizza cafe anchovie and bacon pizza for me anyday.


If I'm in the mood for Pizza Hut, I pour a quart of grease on one of Domino's.