dealsnest learning thermostat for $229.99 + freeā€¦


2nd Generation Nest set to come out on 10/14.


@palmer0212: That explains the price drop. Thanks!


These are great! I installed one in our new home and it has been so convenient to use and seems to really help out on the bills. I got mine on craigslist for $175 so you can find it cheaper than this if you try.


And of course designed by the team that brought us the iPod. Nice.


These look great, but I've got a radiant heating system in my house, which requires a thermostat in every room.
10x$230=$2300 is a lot for thermostats.


List price is $249.99 so this is only $20 off the MSRP? Not a good deal in my opinion especially because the new version is coming out soon.


@palmer0212: My first gen Nest thermostats were upgraded yesterday. Nest implied that this brought them up to feature par with the 2nd generation. I don' t know if that's true or not, however.

I do like my Nest units. I can control them remotely from my phone or a web browser, and get detailed info on what it's doing. They also do a great job of detecting when we're away and allowing the AC to back down to save money.