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I have put 3 of these in use in buildings where wireless routers could not reach distant areas and it was not practical to run wiring. All are working great.


This model seems to get fairly good reviews as a range extender. From my experience, that's the most difficult use for devices of this type. I'm not really concerned about use as an access point or a bridge.

I've tried other range extenders with bad luck. The Linksys WRE54G in particular was a real POS... I never even managed to get it configured correctly, so it was a complete waste of money. The internet is now full of bad reviews of that turkey.

I've ordered this Diamond model and hopefully it will deserve the good reviews I've seen. Unfortunately this is a 24-hour sale so I won't be able to report back soon enough to be hellpful.

I'm wondering why it got the downvotes, though... nobody has posted any negative comments.


Guess it's getting down votes because it's being sold by Dailysteals not because of the product. I will never buy from Dailysteals again,if you order from them I hope it goes better than it has for me.


@gusvonpooch: The only problem I've had with them is that a couple of times it seems that it took forever for them to ship - but "stuff" was always received and as advertised.


@crowbite: The advantage of these extenders is that you don't need wiring to the location where you finally use them - other than a electrical outlet of course.


@ray1509: Hope your luck continues. Bought from them about 12-14 times and had problems three times(bad average I'd say) Very late shipping,broken product and charging my card then cancelled my order and took almost 10 weeks to issue a credit. Useless customer service,most times won't answer your email etc. I buy from a lot of sites and Dailysteals has been the worst so far..


Shipping was rather tardy, but it arrived undamaged. Connected to my computer, followed instructions, configuration went very smoothly. The menus are a breeze -- very clear compared to LinkSys (which is a POS).

BUT... this repeater will not work with my Verizon DSL modem/router.

I called Diamond customer support, who answered very quickly, and spoke native English. (+2 points).

Unfortunately, they informed me that Actiontec modem/routers, the kind supplied for free by Verizon, use a chipset that does not support wireless repeaters! The tech told me that absolutely no repeater or "range extender" will work with an Actiontec access point of any kind.

So this is not a complaint about this Diamond product per se. But it is a warning: if you have a Verizon (or Comcast) Actiontec access point, beware! You might not be able to use any brand of repeater to extend the range!


@crowbite: Good info, thanks for posting. Not sure how many people will see it here, but if it helps one person then it's worth it.