dealslock&lock zzf120v13 0.05g bpa free airtight…


When I went to buy this the deal was for 39.99. Maybe dead?


@lboban: $17 off w/ promo code EMCNJJG48, ends 1/19

Says it on the page. :)


The lock & lock design is great. It gives an air tight seal that I've actually experienced. Put hot food in there and then reopen it after it cools, for example.

My one beef is the container sizes. 80% of the kit are these tiny little containers that most of us have no use for. And of course, nearly all of them use a different lid. So I end up with 10 little containers and 10 little lids floating around my cabinets. You're basically paying for just a couple containers. If I had to purchase again.... I'm not sure I would. Your results may vary of course.


These are starting to replace my sansa addiction. In for 2. Great Deal!


FINALLY!!! My favorite color!!!

The discount went thru for me. Another $17 off with promo which is listed on the newegg page as well as here.