dealsion audio icg07 icade mobile game controller for…


Good article - if you do an Amazon search on all those, the best-ranked one is the Moga. Bad reviews on Amazon for this one. Only works in limited circumstances, and people can't get it to work with emulators.


Will it work with a iPhone 5?


Got one of these for my son. I was not impressed, and I don't think he's used it more than a couple of times.


@kateleern: if this is thee same as the one I bought on thinkgeek, no. the slot for the iphone is made for the 4/4s. It doesn't look like the article specifies.


These work pretty well, but with select compatible games and it uses a lot of batteries. It is also kind of heavy.

The inner part that holds the phone/ipod rotates so you can use it in a vertical or horizontal orientation.