dealssodastream jet home soda maker for $69.00 + freeā€¦


staples usually has this for right around the same price, and you can throw in a $25 off $75 coupon.


Bought 2 at Kohls around the holidays for the same price. We LOVE them to make flavored seltzer. Also bought the seltzer flavoring from them. Note if you go to the manufacturers website they usually have a $10.00 rebate. Another note, Kohls does NOT exchange the tank when you have depleted it, but if you go to the manufacturers website and plug in your zipcode, they will tell you who does exchange them. Staples does exchange.


This is good to force carbonate up your homebrew if you're going to a place where bottles or cans aren't allowed.


@woodbury419: Have you tried that? I wouldn't carbonate anything but water with it unless you want a huge mess.


It doesn't look as though they are doing a rebate right now. I think I'll wait a bit longer.

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my brother has one of these, i dont think its that good, id rather have a regular soda or energy drink. he seems to like it a lot tho

but his is out of air so he has to go get it filled up thats one downside


I actually have two of these, one for me and one for my girlfriend. If you're not a heavy soda drinker, the CO2 will last you about three months. The syrups to make the soda can vary. For example, their Coke Zero knockoff isn't bad at all. I did try the Mountain Dew knockoff and it's terrible. I will say the energy drinks are quite good, they're comparable to Red Bull (sugar free is just fine). If you drink energy drinks, it would pay itself off quickly in no time since most cans run for around $2.00 each minimum. My $.02 and hope it helps.


Once you buy the SodaStream go to and buy the stuff to convert the bottles over to be refillable. I did that then bought a 20lb tank for $100 as well. Refills for the 20lb tank are cheaper than the refills for the tiny sodastream bottles.


Oh yeah and I also went to sams and bought the boxed Coke, Orange Fanta, and Barq's Root Beer. Put those in pump bottles purchased from US Plastics website and I am all set


I LOVE mine. Not into soda, but constantly drink soda water. SO convenient.

Add a little TruLime, TruLemon, or TruOrange sprinkled in it or some fruit juice and it's a refreshing drink without a lot of sugar or chemicals.


@kurto2021: I thought about buying syrup at Sam's, how do you like it?


Lowe's sells the Primo brand of beverage concentrate for about the same price as Sodastream's. But what I really like is that Primo sells a pump to use with the bottle. It's more convenient and less messy to pump the liquid in a glass instead of pouring it from the Sodastream bottle using the lid as the measure. The instructions say that a liter takes 3 pumps, but I like to pump once into a 12 oz glass and mix in the sparkling water. I also mix the soda water with certain juices that I find too sweet. It's also refreshing to squeeze lemon juice into the soda water.


I highly recommend checking out the alternatives. I have no affiliation with Fizz Giz, but I was looking at SodaStream and it won't carbonate anything but water, they want you to use their special bottles, special CO2 tanks, etc, and all of the above are way overpriced.
I thought it couldn't possibly be that complicated so I kept looking and came across:

I figured what the heck, and bought one, and I'm extremely satisfied! It will carbonate anything, including fruit juice, milk, etc (although milk tends to foam up when you pour it into a glass), it can use standard disposable, or refillable 16 gram (note, not 8 gram) CO2 cartridges, and the company actually seems to honsetly be trying to save you money even if it means less profits for them. They provide help and instructions on how to use a large CO2 tank, how to make your own refillable cartridges if desired, etc. Very far superior to SodaStream in my opinion.


@kmartind: The reviews for the Fizz-Giz say "One 16-gram cartridge will carbonate three 20-oz soda bottles, two 1-liter bottles, or one 2-liter bottle". At $1 per cartridge, that's 50c/liter. At $15 for ~50-70 liters for the Sodastream, you'll save ~25c/liter. 1 liter/day is about $90/per year.

We usually get our Sodastream refills for $10 (we get regular $5 off your order coupons from Bed Bath and Beyond), and we probably do about 10/liters a week. I'm pretty sure we get more than 50 fills per canister (it's hard to keep count) but even if it's only 50 liters for $10, the Sodastream quickly works out cheaper than the Fizz-giz (though if you primarily plan on carbonating other substances than water, the Fizz-Giz may win out for convenience).

I looked at the possibility of the adapters to use much cheaper gas, but decided that we're just not spending enough on the Sodastream gas to go to the trouble.


Yeah, the little disposable 16-gram cartridges probably aren't the most cost effective longer term, but even going by those prices (which include being subsidized by specific store promotions, and ignoring the equipment costs) I think it's still worth it to be able to carbonate juice, re-carbonate flat soda (or beer if you're so inclined), and to deal with a company that actually wants to help you instead of one that deliberately designs products to try to lock you in.

Of course there are potential refill/large tank options for either product (and for the few other competetors left), so one might say CO2 cost doesn't really matter if you get to that high-volume use. At that point you don't really need a name-brand carbonaor product though, just a tank, a pressure regulator, and a cap with a valve in it.

Hm, that makes me wonder how much a used, low end soda fountain machine from a restaurant that went out of business or something might cost. Lots of maintenance though.


waste of money. buy a Co2 tank and install it under your sink. google it up. it takes 2mins to install. you'll have any carbonated drinks for years. its not rocket science.


@roddgrady: I happily, repeatedly, and successfully carbonated slightly sweet wine and ended up with quite decent champagne.
But: (1) you should carbonate slowly, because if the safety valve opens on you it might create a "huge mess" in the valve system. (2) you should take a minute or more to unscrew, or it will create a "huge mess" all around, and (3) right afterwards, you should blow out the CO2 pipe with a couple short bursts and carbonate some water to get the "huge mess" out of the CO2-pipe.
And it does say not to carbonate anything else but water. But other than that, making champagne can be a nice evening activity.