dealswireless 60" led string lights w/ timer - warm…


Before someone asks, they are "wireless" in that they do not require plugging into an outlet. They operate on 3 AA batteries.


These are cool, just bought 2 sets myself at Christmas Tree Shops, they are $3.99/set there but for 18 lights on a 36" string. I like that they are battery operated so I don't have to worry about the decoration being near a plug. Must be made by the same company, the pic on the package mine came in is the same pic in this deal!


@belyndag: how in god's name are these baby little LEDs pulling so much power you need 3 AA batteries?


@lothariorowe: LOL! You're asking the wrong person an electrical question. Can I pick a different category?


@lothariorowe: Voltage drop. They aren't really pulling a lot of watts. They just need the headroom for the Vdrop. Good news is there's lots of mAH there so you change the batteries less frequently.


@salava: Don't know why. Still showing as $1.99 for me.