dealsrayovac aa alkaline batteries, 48ct (pk of 2 - 96…


Even better than the 100 pack of Duracells for $29.99 being sold at Rayovacs are just as good as this or any other brand. Good find!


I know it's awful early to be thinking about Christmas but I'll be awful glad I have a huge stash of these when the kids open up all their toys that require batteries.


Great deal! My kids use AA's like crazy, so this is an excellant deal.


Always good to have extra batteries on hand, especially when the power runs out and you need light or even battery powered fans and chargers for your cell phones. The amount of batteries involved here makes up for the fact that these are not rechargeable.


Not bad, but they had the 48ct packs (1 box) for $9.96 not all that long ago and shipping was free. A bit better deal there. Wouldn't be surprised to see it again, especially come Black Friday.


@bdoug399: Isn't that exactly what this deal is?


@thomesandy: No... $9.96 x 2 is still less than $20. And shipping is not free on this deal. Yes, that makes for minimal savings, but savings are savings.