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Make sure your store has plenty in stock when you order. I ordered mine last time this deal was offered during the night when the store was closed. Instead of picking it up off the shelf the next morning before opening, it got sold.

Then when I showed up to pick up what I'd ordered, they couldn't find any record of purchase. Even though I showed them my paypal receipt where I had already payed me the manager was very uncooperative. She wouldn't give me a replacement and said because she couldn't find record of my purchase that she couldn't give me a refund either.

I ended up have to file a PayPal dispute and wait 2 weeks for it to be resolved to get my money back. After that much time invested to save a few buck, I'll never buy another "deal" from again...

Just wanted to let everyone know so the same doesn't happen to them.


@carcenea: Everything I've bought online from Sears has resulted in at least 2 emails from them. The first one acknowledged the order and the second one telling me it was available for pickup. Never had a problem. Did you get either of those emails?


Great deal. Never had any issues ordering from -- not sure what happened with @carcenea -- I've always gotten the e-mails as indicated by @tbgolladay


I paid a lot more for a lower quality bag at HF. This is a good deal!


I had no problem today at, and the pick-up process at the local store was painless and quick. A vastly different experience than when trying to buy the same bag through K-mart the last week or so (also listed at, where the bags weren't within 50+ miles of local (and I live in Houston!).


Great gift for yound adults, college kids. Add a small hammer, phillips and flat edge screwdriver, pliers, level, duct tape, and picture nails and you have a good foundation for many small apartments, dorms etc.


@tbgolladay: I got the first email but apparently since they couldn't fill the order I never got a second. Even then, they should've been able to give me a replacement or a refund in the store.

I'm not saying every transaction is like that. Just make sure when you order that there is not 1 or 2 left in stock because there's a good probability that you won't receive your order.